«The idea of opening FRANK in Moscow dawned on me right after I’d visited FRANK in Saint-Petersburg. Ribs is a new format for meat. FRANK is a landmark that balances between a restaurant and a legendary small place that are so popular in the West»


The FRANK by BASTA restaurant chain is a joint project of St. Petersburg rib restaurants FRANK and musician Vasily Vakulenko (Basta). The authentic furnishing of the capital projects is created in the aesthetics of a modern loft: the walls are covered with fiber cement panels, iron-ceiling structures soar above the communal tables. "FRANK by BASTA" restaurants are a favorite venue for meetings of Basta and Gazgolder residents with the audience, as well as for shooting the YouTube show "Point-blank question". In addition to Basta's live broadcasts, informal style waiters and honest music, "FRANK by BASTA" is primarily about food. People come here for the unique taste of ribs and a truly soulful atmosphere.

Pork ribs Basta Size


8 am - 12 pm
on Frunze on weekdays
12 pm - 4 pm
on Rozhdestvenka and Frunze on weekends


Pork ribs Extra Hot with nachos

Beef ribs

Beefsteak with poached egg and french fries

Asian shrimp wrap

Californian salad

with quinoa, shrimps and avocado

“Sweet Coca-Cola” chicken wings

Cheese soup with bacon

Dry-aged beef ribs


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8 (800) 222-35-35
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