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Who is Frank?

FRANK – is a chain of meat restaurants in St. Petersburg, famous for its legendary ribs. The concept of the place is inspired by the cult series “House of Cards”, where the main character, charismatic and influential politician Frank Underwood, always comes to a tiny grill house in suburbs of Washington - for really delicious ribs and friendly atmosphere.


The special taste of Frank’s meat dishes is reached by two main factors. Firstly - original marinades, the recipes of which the founders of the network were seeking out, like real detectives, in the culinary books of the last century and on American posters of the 70s.

Secondly - a unique cooking technology: meat is stewed for more than 12 hours at low temperatures, and then roasted in a coal oven. And when the cook takes the meat off the fire and smear it with branded sauce, no one can resist this appetizing sight and fabulous flavor ...

RUB 290


Make your combo: choose
3 dishes + berry juice + ciabatta

RUB 290


Classic wrap with chicken,
vegetables and sauce


Pork ribs

with roasted potato and rosemary / Red beans in Taco sauce

RUB 590

Beef ribs

with roasted potato and rosemary / Red beans in Taco sauce

RUB 690

Lamb rack

with roasted potato and rosemary / Red beans in Taco sauce

RUB 990

King Size ribs

with pistachios and teriyaki

RUB 1100

Classic wrap

with chicken and vegitables

RUB 290

Northern wrap

with venison and cranberry sauce

RUB 450

Mexican burrito

with chili con carne

RUB 390

Asian wrap

with shrimps and tar-tar sauce

RUB 420

frank bbq & catering

We have created FRANK BBQ & Catering in order to be able not only to invite guests to our restaurants, but also to arrange a party wherever the client wishes. Our branded foodtruck is always on the run, and its skilled crew is ready to take care of your event to be delicious and hot!

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